Boris Becker claims his marriage to Barbara Feltus ended because she failed to move on after finding out he fathered a child with a waitress.

The 55-year-old tennis legend was married to the model between 1993 and and 2001 and they had two children together, but the marriage was rocked by scandal in 1999 when it was revealed he'd conceived a daughter with Angela Ermakova following a romp in London sushi restaurant Nobu - and Becker claims the relationship broke down because Barbara was unable to forgive him.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper's Alison Boshoff, Becker says in a new documentary that Barbara told him: "Well, I still love you and I still want to be with you and let's somehow find a way."

The sportsman added: "For months nobody knew yet [about the baby]. But then every little thing we discussed, she came back with the joker card and said: 'You shut the f*** up, because if the world knew what you had done, you are lost'.

"I said: 'You are right, but this is not the relationship I can live with. This is impossible. We need a break'."

In Apple TV Plus series 'Boom Boom! The World vs Boris Becker', the tennis star also opened up about the fateful night he went out to Nobu and ended up getting intimate in a back room with waitress Angela, who later gave birth to their daughter Anna.

He revealed he went out with his tennis coaching team to celebrate his retirement from the sport, leaving his pregnant wife in their hotel room. Becker said he told Barbara: "Tomorrow I will be a husband and father but tonight, one last time, I want to be a tennis player," and he also got a warning from his mother who said to him: "Boris, just don't do anything stupid'."

Becker and his wife were granted a divorce in January 2001 and just weeks later the tennis ace acknowledged paternity of Anna after previously insisting she could not be his daughter.

'Boom Boom! The World vs Boris Becker' drops on Apple TV Plus on April 7.

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