• A South African woman named Nomcebo posted a funny video of her brother singing drunkenly on her bedroom floor at 1:30 am
  • The video shows the barely coherent man with three bear cans beside him on the floor as he belts out a song
  • Netizens found the video hilarious, commenting on the man's state and his niece's confused reaction

A woman recorded a hilarious video of her drunk brother's antics.

Woman's brother arrives home drunk

Nomcebo (@nomcebofaithradeb) captured her brother singing drunkenly on her bedroom floor at 1.30am with three beer cans beside him.

The man, barely able to sit up straight or even get up, is seen singing passionately as his niece looks at him in concern and confusion.

"This morning was rough you guys ," Nomcebo said in her caption.

Mzansi entertained by drunk brother

The video had many netizens laughing out loud as they commented on the brother's early morning drunk performance for his sister and niece.

Mimi said:

"Lapho umshana umangele eceleni (The child is so confused there)."

marciakhonamavuso commented:

"Aibo ufike kanjani endlini (How did he even get home?)."

Bhuti Mlu️‍♀️ wrote:

"Manje umshana useyazi ukuthi mele avuke naye makufika umalume (The niece now knows she needs to wake up too when her uncle arrives)."

Ntukulu sibuyi said:

"Hhayibo malume. How many beers did he have?"

Drunk brother puts on his sister's wigs at 2am

In a similar story, Briefly News reported that a woman captured the moment her drunk brother rocked two of her wigs in the early hours of the morning.

Content creator Nomcebo Faith Radebe usually catches her brother doing comical things in his intoxicated state.

In the latest hilarious video shared to her TikTok account (@nomcebofaithradeb), the woman filmed her brother at 2am wearing her wigs. The man first rocks a long, black, curly wig worn back to front, covering his face. However, this does not stop him from doing some fancy footwork.

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