The victory was short-lived after a well-known food chain and an amapiano musician used the content creator's clip and phrase which led to a debate on the timelines. 

Amapiano sensation Daliwonga came under fire for capitalising on the clip and the popularity it was garnering.

On Tuesday Daliwonga went live on Instagram, debuting an unreleased song titled Re Lokeleng after a viral video of a woman saying “Re squeezing in mo industry... re lokeleng” trended on the timeline.

Weighing in on the matter, TV presenter, actor and businessman Kope Makgae told TshisaLIVE that the content creator, whose TikTok username is @dimakatsoephesia, should take what's unfolding with a pinch of salt. 

“There's two things: there's never an original idea. The sad thing is she didn't create or invent anything; another disadvantage is that there aren't any set laws or systems that say every time you create content on the platform it belongs to you.”

“If I can make up a word and I'm on TV, and then someone uses it, uses it on a post and on TV or trademarks it they are well within their rights. I didn't trademark it because I didn't monetise and protect it.  What she can do is take the compliment of being recognised for her contribution, statement or post and build on top of that. It doesn't mean because people are using what you said let that go to your head and then start thinking you are going to get paid for every statement on social media and its bigger than that.”

The rapper and Generations: The Legacy actor launched Limpopo’s first film and TV academy Wyza Media Studios several years ago. Reflecting on that journey, he said he could do with some help. 

“It been a journey. I started in 2019 and I'm still unfunded, no partners, still waiting for the department of sports, arts & culture for support, still waiting for the likes of economic development so I'm still alone with my little team. But the biggest thing is we are still trying to create something for everybody. I'm feeling like I'm the government who's trying to give opportunities to kids, and what is the government doing?”

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