Lira says she is going to carry on enjoying life as she recovers from a stroke she suffered in April while in Germany for a performance.

Taking to her Instagram timeline recently she gave her followers another health and recovery update, something she has been doing every month.

“Speech recovery is slow, yet I’m making huge progress. Life carries on, and I’m going to just enjoy my life. All I need is to be patient with the process and I’m going do so living my best life,” she wrote.

Though the stroke initially affected her ability to communicate, the singer shared in late June that she could read, write and talk. 

The stroke may have slowed things down for her, but Lira said she was savouring the moment by smelling the roses.

“Five months and still alive and kicking. I’m grateful for the gift of life. I’m making incredible progress and enjoying the much-needed break. One lesson I’ve learnt is to slow down, smell the roses and savour each moment,” she wrote on her Instagram timeline.

Lira took to Instagram to share a screenshot with details about a condition called aphasia she was suffering from as a result of the stroke, and six months later she said she was on her journey of healing. 

“Can you believe it’s been six months. How time flies. The second and third frame is where I used to be at. I am feeling like myself yet I’m still on my recovery journey. It’s going to take some time, but it’s reversible.”

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