Award-winning house music producer and promoter Rabs Vhafuwi, real name Rabelani Madula, took to Twitter and publicly let musician Makhadzi know that she can keep the money she owes him.

The DJ tweeted: “Hi @MakhadziSA Since you are unable to finish paying it off, you can keep the balance”.

He alleged Makhadzi owed him a remainder of R16 500 from R20 000.

He included screenshots of WhatsApp conversations between him and the “Ghanama” hitmaker where she had said that she would not be paying him.

Speaking to IOL Entertainment, Vhafuwi explained that in August last year, he booked Makhadzi to perform at his Sunday Service events, which he was hosting at Cohibar in Melrose Arch.

Makhadzi failed to arrive at the gig on the agreed time and Vhafuwi explained that the singer apologised and promised to come the following weekend.

“She apologised, even on the mic to the few that were there and promised to come the following weekend. The following weekend she didn't pitch at all.

“So since then she's been promising to refund my money. In January she sent me R2000 eWallet, and promised to pay the balance until she finishes in March.

“After that she sent me R1500 in May and she keeps blue-ticking me and not answering my calls,” he explained.

Makhadzi responded in a Facebook post, Vhafuwi is the one who decided to postpone and she had declined other gigs to perform at his and asked whether he would be giving her the money she lost.

“You even gave me a mic to announce that you are postpone a show and stl play two songs and force me to perform is that performance for free ? Iam not your toy 🧸, I am not going to give you the money back,” she wrote.

Vhafuwi in response to her post said that he had made peace with the loss, maintaining that Makhadzi arrived late for the performance.

Vhafuwi added that there had been no resolution between him and the singer following his tweet.

“I think this has gone beyond us sitting down as adults to try and solve it. I tried to be civil about the situation. I just got tired. I feel like she's just undermining me so I'm good.”

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