• A lady took to social media to showcase how she and her man split bill in their household
  • In the TikTok clip, the stunner detailed what she contributes to, and her final revelation amused many people online
  • South Africans were left in laughter as they took to the comments section to express their thoughts

One woman in Mzansi shared how she and her hubby split the bills in their household, and people were amused by her revelation.

Woman shares how she and SA man split bills, Mzansi in laughter

A young lady took South Africans for a ride after she hopped on the latest TikTok trend. The stunner, who goes by the social media handle @karmengreciaa, shared a video about how she and her man split the bills in their household.

As the clip began, the woman detailed what she contributes to the household bills, and @karmengreciaa said she pays for groceries, transportation, travelling, cooking, restaurants, and rent, and she also does the cleaning.

At the end of the footage, she revealed that she was the only one working, and that was because her South African man was her baby boy. Her revelation amused many.

Watch the video.

SA in stitches

The lady's clip entertained Mzansi netizens, who rushed to the comments section to crack jokes while others simply laughed it off.

Jackie said:

"Girl, you got me, I was ready to go off."

Yuresha Naicker added:

"I almost passed away... This was so cute."

CassieWilliams wrote:

"Yoh, my blood boiled for nothing."

Mal was amused:

"OMG, I was ready to say, 'Girl, run'."

Ner commented:

"This is a good one!!! After every picture, I was thinking, 'red flags,' lol."

Mzansi divided after the lady shares how she and boyfriend split bills

Briefly News previously reported that a Mzansi woman took to social media to share a post revealing how she and her boyfriend split their bills.

A TikTok post features images with details explaining how Thando Makhubu and her partner share their financial responsibilities, such as how Thando pays for 90% of their monthly groceries while her boyfriend covers 100% of the rent, electricity, and water bills.

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