The drama inside the “Big Brother Titans” house is hot and viewers are finding themselves having to catch their breaths just to keep up.

The housemates are living their best lives getting to know each and forming bonds as they get to know each other.

Last week, the housemates had no eviction but were joined by four new housemates: Sandra, Miracle OP, Blue Aiva and Theo Traw.

This Sunday marks two weeks of the housemates living together and others have already got very cosy with each other.

Khosi and Yemi were among of the first housemates to be introduced at the season launch and have been very close since. One could say that they are in a relationship, a complicated one.

But the two also have other interest, in Miracle and Blue, respectively.

Recently, Khosi had viewers up in arms with her woman-to-woman talk with Blue after she got too close with Yemi. Khosi also confronted Yemi about his closeness with Blue and he let her know she’s doing too much.

Khosi was certainly not lying when she said she would be making a big deal out of everything. Miracle recently told Khosi he likes her and she’s entertaining his advances.

Yemi also ended up coming to Miracle man to man, and they had a conversation.

While viewers were still trying to keep us with that entanglement, Lukay and Ipeleng have quite the romance brewing and have viewers wanting to know what happened inside the toilet.

The two seem to have been looking for some privacy and headed to the toilet where they spent several minutes inside together, leaving imaginations running wild as to what happened.

Here is what viewers are tweeting about the drama.

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