The internet thought they were successfully tracking Shohei Ohtani’s plane to Toronto. They may have thought wrong.

The Toronto Blue Jays are considered one of the finalists in the free-agency pursuit of Ohtani.

On Friday, a report came out that touted taht Ohtani was set to sign with the Blue Jays. While several other reporters refuted the initial report, it didn’t stop fans from trying to catch Ohtani en route to Toronto.

Fans even locked in on one particular flight that many speculated to have Ohtani on board.

However, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reported Friday that Ohtani is not in Toronto, nor is he on any flights to Toronto just yet. Nightengale relayed that Ohtani has just been at his residence in Southern California.

Nightengale’s report was then confirmed by the New York Post’s Jon Heyman.

Ohtani’s camp previously requested for privacy among teams they were meeting in free agency. The vow of silence has made it harder to gain insight on undoubtedly the largest MLB free-agency chase in a long time.

With Ohtani expected to come to a decision soon, the speculation on his next landing spot may likely grow from here.

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